DIY Salute to Rebuilding Together 25th Anniversry

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2 Responses to DIY Salute to Rebuilding Together 25th Anniversry

  1. Matt Boyd says:

    y mother is a 73 year old woman that lives by her self. She owns a small two bedroom ranch that we moved into when I was 18 years old, 28 years ago. My wife (Chasity) and I live next door to her to keep an eye on her. She has rheumatoid and sciatic arthritis. She is on Social Security disability and only receives $800 a month. I am concerned about her health and well-being, because she has mold and mildew in her bathroom. The trim on the exterior of her house is rotted out and it desperately needs painted because the paint is chipping off of the stucco. the wiring in the house is outdated because she keeps blowing fuses running air conditioner, other appliances and electrical components.the carpeting in the living room is pieced together buy carpet remnants and she trips and falls all the time. With my mother’s income and her health she is unable to do these repairs. My wife and I have helped her in the past with fixing and maintaining things. But however with my health issues, low income, fixed budget and busy work schedule, including being busy with the upkeep on our house & daily issues. We are having a hard time helping her. There is only so much we can do, we are desperately seeking help for her. Will you please help her. Her address is 2008 Searle Street, Des Moines, Iowa and her name is Antonia Smothers. my name is Matt Boyd, phone #515-669-1053. Please help me help her. I will help you with this project. Thank you! Please respond, my mother’s health depends on it. God bless you!

  2. kimberlymhansen says:

    Hi Matt –

    Just came across your comment. It is heartwarming that you are living next door to your mom and helping her out. We will send you an application, as that is the first step to receiving help.

    Have a great weekend,
    Kimberly Hansen, Executive Director

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